Thinking About a T-28? Check Out These Two Outstanding Aircraft! Both In Our Hangar Ready-to-GO!

N76912: A great opportunity to purchase an economical "A" model with a 800 H.P. engine. No type rating required. Less than 10 hours on overhauled engine. $159,000
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N9868A: A real big engine firebomber that saw combat with the French in the Algerian Conflict as Fennec #51. Imported to the U.S. in the late 70s. Absolutely the best value in a big engine T-28! $139,000
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The Best Variety We Have Ever Had!

N28YM NORTH AMERICAN T-28C NEW! 60 Hours on IRAN Engine, ADS-B Equipped, Garmin 650! $245,000
C-FPUG NORTH AMERICAN T-28C Only 8 Hours SMOH!  $170,000
N31428 NORTH AMERICAN T-28C  Equipped with Freon Air conditioning $199,000

Reno Air Races 2019
Congratulations to our friends Dennis Sanders and Joel Swager who placed 1st and 2nd Place on Sunday's Unlimited Gold Race!
(Pictured Above: Dennis Sanders, Mark Clark, Darcy Kaapke and Joel Swager)

Buyer looking for a clean T-6 with run out or bad engine. Contact Mark Clark at 815-229-5112 or email mark@courtesyaircraft.com
Buyer looking for a PT-19 or PT-26. Contact Darcy Kaapke at 815-229-5112 or email darcy@courtesyaircraft.com

A special thank you to all who took the time to nominate the young "Rising Stars" in Warbirds. The judging panel had to make some tough decisions based on the excellent quality of nominations received.  It is wonderful to hear the passion and dedication of a number of young individuals in the Warbird Industry today. We are proud to announce the first class for the Warbids "20 under 40" Program (in no particular order):
1) Amelia Hilsen     2) Ben Wilson     3) David Oliver     4) Jason Capra
5) Joel Swager     6) Matt Bongers      7) Michael Porter       8) Nick Crofoot
9) Samuel Walsh     10) Marco Rusconi     11) David Reed     12) Taylor Stevenson
13) Matt Younkin     14) Justin Spence     15) Scott Yoak     16) Tim Wiebe
17) Eric Nielsen     18) Shawn Patrick     19) Shane Clayton     20) Ryan Parente

For those who may have not been chosen this year, we hope you will continue to nominate these individuals in the future. Stay tuned for additional information on the winners chosen, including bios and photos!

Aircraft Are Moving!
Aircraft SOLD in 2019
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The experience was a positive one. Considering that there is always a little contention when negotiating, things worked well and the airplane has been trouble free in the first 4 months of ownership.

Keith Masserang
May 29, 2014