Canadair F-86 Sabre MK-V
C-GSBR s/n 23314 Canadair #1104

363 Hours Since Extensive Rebuild by Vintage Wings of Canada


3,506 Hrs TTSNEW
363 Hours Since Extensive Rebuild by Vintage Wings of Canada


Orenda 14, s/n 5205
286 Hours Since Overhaul by Magellan Aerospace
5 Hours since Compressor Section Replacement


(installed by Kitchener Avionics 2011)
Garmin G-500 Integrated Flight Display System
Mid-Continental Stand-by Horizon with backup battery
Garmin GNS 430 Nav Com/GPS
Garmin SL 30 Nav/Com with DME Converter
Garmin GDL 69A Datalink
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
Garmin GMA 340  Audio Panel
Kannad 406  ELT


2x 150 Gallon drop tanks
Boarding Ladder
Dedicated Tools Package
Electric Start – Internal or GPU
Martin Baker Ejection Seat: CT 114



Sabre v 23314 first flew Aug 15 1954, served with RCAF 441 (f) Sqn, no.1 air division, RCAF station Marville, France.
RCAF historic detail is available- example: while flying 23314 with 441 (f) sqn during a thirty minute “trophy shoot” sortie on November 25, 1955 at French air force base Rabat Sale, Morocco, f/o Jerry Westphal scored 94 hits air-to-air with his six 0.50 colt-browning machine guns. This was at the time, and may well have remained, an all-time record.


Flown by: Astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, Astronaut Jeremy Hansen, ex-Snowbird Leads

Extensive IRAN 2007-2009

Complete maintenance and flight ops manuals included

Includes TC approved maintenance program


Classic Metallic, Iconic, Golden Hawks Circa 1960
Paint By RCAF, CFB Cold Lake Alberta, 2009


Cream with Extensive Cockpit Refurbishment and Detailing


23 Oct. 2008:

  • Aft section inspected, 2 lower skins replaced with new fabricated skins.
  • Installed new high speed ELT antenna
  • Aircraft electrical system inspected. Wiring in exposed areas (wheel wells, engine disconnects) replaced as required.
  • All flex and rigid fluid lines inspected and replaced as required.
  • Landing gear actuators removed, disassembled, inspected and reconditioned as required. Landing gear down and up-lock actuators removed, disassembled, inspected and reconditioned as required.
  • Hydraulic accumulator pressure gauges replaced
  • Main gear oleos removed, disassembled, inspected, reconditioned and reinstalled.
  • Main gear down lock pins NDT'd, found serviceable.
  • Wheels and brakes inspected, brakes rebuilt with serviceable stators and rotors. LH and RH brake master cylinders removed reconditioned and reinstalled. Park brake control valve removed, reconditioned and reinstalled. Brake pedal rating checked and found satisfactory. Speed brake actuator removed, disassembled, reconditioned and reinstalled.
  • Fuel boost pumps removed and replaced with OH units.
  • Aileron cables removed and replaced with new cables and tensioned.
  • All rudder cables removed and replaced
  • All elevator cables removed and replaced
  • Slats and leading edge assembly inspected and found serviceable.
  • Slats installed and rigged
  • LH and RH flaps repaired as required
  • LH and RH ailerons inspected and repaired as required
  • Elevators inspected and repaired as required
  • ALL flight controls reinstalled and travels checked
  • Skin replaced on forward fuselage
  • Forward gear door hinge support assy replaced
  • Original ejection seat removed and replaced with a modified CT114 ejection seat
  • Original seat rails removed and adapter plated and CL 114 seat rail installed as per drawings supplied by AETE (Cold Lake). Engineering review of ejection seat installation provided by Deca Aviation Engineering. Independent verification and validation of the airworthiness of the complete ejection seat installation - by DND Aircraft experimental testing establishment (AETE) Cold Lake
  • Aircraft was found with American built F86f-40 wing assy. installed. Main difference being 12" tip extension and leading edge slats. Original design had solid leading edges and no tip extensions. Review of installed modification was carried out by Deca Aviation Engineering Ltd. and was found to be suitable for acceptance as an airworthy modification
  • Aircraft pressurization system inspected and found serviceable.
  • 02 cylinders hydrostatically tested. Replaced all 02 lines with new fabricated lines. Due to ejection seat modification, 02 regulator relocated to RH side cockpit panel and replaced
  • Replaced battery master switch with new serviceable switch.
  • Replaced fuel line between LH side fuel nozzles
  • Oil pressure transmitter replaced
  • Oil pressure indicator replaced
  • Hydraulic, oil and fue1 filters replaced, cleaned and inspected as required.
  • 200 hour inspection completed on engine as per Approved Maintenance Schedule
  • Fire extinguisher installed.



  • Both VHF Comm. antennas removed and replaced with new units.
  • Canopy Ejector removed and replaced with a new unit.
  • Alternate Static source installed in aircraft.
  • Fuel system calibration carried out. Fuel Quantity indicator removed and replaced
  • Fuel quantity stroke panel removed and replaced
  • Indicator adjusted to zero and calibration carried out serviceable.
  • Engine removed for 200 hr inspection. Engine replaced with a serviceable unit.
  • Ammo door cables removed and replaced
  • Fire detection loop in AFT section rewired
  • Rt brake removed and replaced
  • Lft brake removed and replaced
  • Rt MLG door actuator removed and replaced
  • OAT gauge installed.
  • ATT Gyro replaced with a new solid state unit.
  • Radio rack door cables replaced with new units.


09 Sept 2010

  • Brake replaced
  • Nose tire replaced
  • Left main tire replaced
  • Fire detection relay replaced
  • Digital replaced
  • Both VHF antennas replaced
  • Elevator trim replaced
  • Fuel gauge replaced



  • Oxygen system "T" fitting replaced
  • LH and RH wing slats rubber bumpers replaced
  • L/H speed actuator replaced
  • Utility Hyd accumulator replaced
  • Fuel indication probes replaced
  • Aft section some rivets replaced as required
  • All FWD fuselage fire warning wiring to detector box replaced with new.
  • Aft section alignment pin holes reinforcing rivets replaced as required
  • Speed brakes replaced as required
  • Baggage door hinges replaced as required at LH door and RH door
  • Aft fuselage attach point 4 corner doubler replaced as required.
  • Nose landing gear lower strut assembly replaced
  • Pressure sensing line on alternate hyd pump replaced
  • Radome replaced with serviceable spare assy.
  • Canopy inner seal on LH side replaced w serviceable unit.
  • Drag brace bushing replaced
  • Oxygen line in cockpit replaced with new.
  • Center wing tank drain replaced with new.
  • New wiring for nav lights to accommodate new avionics suite installation
  • Replaced pitch trim actuator wiring in tail with new
  • Both pressure and scavenge oil pumps replaced
  • All second stage turbine nozzles replaced
  • Taxi light repaired as required.
  • Installation of Garmin G-500 Integrated Flight Display System with Mid-Continental Stand-by (electric battery):
  • Attitude Gyro, Garmin GNS 430 Nav Com/GPS,
  • SL 30 Nav/Com with DB30 DME Converter
  • GDL 69A Datalink
  • GTX 327 Transponder
  • GMA 340 Audio Panel
  • Kannad 406 ELT



  • Annual Inspection.
  • NDT carried out: Engine and tail attaching bolts, 4 tail section attachment points,
  • Engine and airframe fuel and hydraulic hoses were replaced due to ageing.
  • Brakes were re-built

Note: aircraft did not fly in 2016

Aircraft is located in Ontario, Canada.