Courtesy Aircraft offers Two F-8 Crusader Aircraft projects

These are both disassembled and located in Arlington, WA. We have copies of military record cards but do not have complete logs. The aircraft are in stock military condition and are probably close to 100% complete including engines. There are no F-8 Crusader aircraft flying in the US at this time and it would make an outstanding warbird or flight test aircraft.

Package price $375,000


General Statistics for F8U-1:                   
Crew: 1
Span: 35ft 8 in
Length: 54ft 3 in
Height: 15 ft 9 in
Empty weight: 16,500 lb
Engine: 1 x Pratt & Whitney J57-P-4A axial-flow, turbojet engine with afterburner
Engine power: 10,000 lb thrust; 16,000 lb. with afterburner

Maximum speed: Mach 1.5+
Range: 600 miles
Ceiling: 40,000+ ft

4 x Colt MK 12 20-mm cannon with 144 rounds each; 2 x AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles; and 32 x 2. 75 in folding fin rockets in a retractable rocket pack on the underside of the fuselage.


Special Test Equipment Available for Purchase (available from a 3rd Party):
A-7E Walleye Aww2 pylon test set
Martin Baker seat tool kit
Hytrol field test set
Anti Skid Test set
A-7E remote compass transmitter simulator
IMS Simulator test set A-7D,E
OS 8E,U Osilloscope
Tail stab sys test set
Test set airconditioning system
KE-8 test set, anti spin
Tester capacitor type fuel quantity gage tank unit
Test set, simulator AN APM-245
Box assy sse engine trim
Tester capacitor type fuel quantity gage tank unit MD-2A
Test set ejector master control panel
IMS Simulator test set A
IMS Simulator test set B damaged
IMS Simulator test set c damaged
IMS Simulator test set d damaged
Test set, flight line approach power compensator
Test set radio AN ARM25A
Heading mode system test set
Test set bench auto pilot system
SM 511 ASW test set 

Aircraft is located in Arlington, WA. Contact Courtesy Aircraft to schedule a showing!