1940 GRUMMAN G-21A GOOSE N121SR s/n 1084

Courtesy Aircraft offers this outstanding Grumman Goose nearing completion of a professional restoration. The hard, and time consuming, work has been done and the new owner will be able to finish the aircraft to his specifications. The interior, avionics and exterior paint are the remaining large items to be done. Extensive inspection and replacement of needed parts have been done by the professionals at Aero Fabrication and Restoration in Bartow FL.



16,671 Hours TTSNEW


P&W R985-14B
                 321 SMOH
RH:                 321 SMOH


Hartzell 3-Blade
                32 SPOH
 RH:                32 SPOH

Fabricated or replaced with new old stock almost all components in the aircraft.
Windshield structure brackets and glass replaced.
Control yoke tubes removed and sent out for re-chrome
Torque tube replaced with new old stock from Pacific Coastal.
Custom parts fabricated from blocks to make new belly ribs, stringers and stiffeners for web.
Fabricated new stringer end clips that attach stringers to web front, back and middle.
Fitted and drilled all new stringers in doghouse.

Vertical stringers and center belly stringer fabricated, and replaced, lower doghouse skins made.
Reskinned much of the lower fuselage front and rear.
Parts sent out for heat treatment as required.
Brakes dissembled, cleaned and new linings installed, pistons replaced with new.
Tail wheel mechanism was removed and overhauled.
All tires new.
The controls were removed and stripped and rebuilt with new hinges and bearings.

The RH aileron was replaced.
Floorboards replaced with new marine plywood and new seat rails installed.
Flaps were sent to Canada and overhauled by Sealand Aviation and installed at American Aero.

Landing gear overhauled
Both pneumatic flap cylinders were dissembled and repaired with new seals and gaskets.
The starters, magnetos and rocker box covers have been replaced and a new alternator installed.


The owner has a Garmin Digital Avionics package and Beech King Air interior that would be available to the purchaser of the aircraft (terms to be negotiated). Aircraft is currently located in Bartow FL. The above information is provided as introductory information only. Buyers are urged to inspect the aircraft to see the quality of the restoration.

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