1944 BEECHCRAFT C-45J N418GB s/n 76755 Less Than 200 Hours since Outstanding Ground-up Restoration Completed for Owner of Aircraft Cylinder and Turbine Los Angeles



10,503 Hours TTSNEW


  • P&W R-985-14B
  • RH: 170 Hours SMOH by Aero Engines
  • LH: 170 Hours SMOH by Aero Engines


  • King KMA-24 Audio Panel
  • Dual King KX-165 Nav/Comms with Glideslope
  • King KT-76A Transponder
  • Encoder
  • Collins PN-101 Slaved HSI
  • ACT E-01 ELT
  • Power Outlet for GPS


  • Dual Jasco Alternators
  • Dual IFR Panels with Late Style 3” Gyros
  • Windshield Wiper
  • Military Logs
  • Eclipse 756 Starters
  • Goodyear Main Wheels and Brakes
  • Dual Concorde Batteries
  • Dual Grimes G3001 Landing Lights
  • Aeroflash Power Supplies & Strobes- Wingtips and Tail
  • Fabric Control Surfaces in Excellent Condition


  • Hamilton Standard 22D30-315
  • RH: 170 Hours SMOH, AD Compliance 2/2014
  • LH: 170Hours SMOH, AD Compliance 2/2014


  • Annual Inspection Completed February 2016.
  • IFR Certification Completed January 2016.


USAAF transferred to USN as JRB-3 76755 accepted at factory 27Mar44 & deliv 27Mar44 NAS Norfolk. Com AL (Commander Air Liaison Foreign? probably in Caribbean) Aug44 - May45. Major repair at San Juan Jun45. Back to Com All For AC Jul45. Minor repair at San Juan Aug45. Back to Com All For AC Sep45. Reconditioned & repair at San Juan Oct45. Pool San Juan Jan46. Pool HDN FBW-5 Mar-Jul 46 (HQ some unit). Repair FASRON 102 (Fleet Air Service Sqdn) Aug -Nov46. Awaiting recondit Alameda Dec46. Pool Alameda Jan47. Pool A&R Pensacola (Assembly & Repair) Feb46 - Jan47. NART Squantum (Naval Air Reserve Training) Jul47 - Aug48. Overhauled Pensacola Feb50. O&R Buaer M&S (Overhaul & Repair - Maintenance & Supply) Pensacola 28Feb50. NART Glenview 17Mar50. NART New York 11Jun51. Pool Buaer M&S Wichita 11Jun52. Remanufactured by Beech, Wichita to SNB-5 (new c/n N-1040) & compl 22Jul53. NSAWF NAATC Corpus Christi (Naval School All Weather Flight, Naval Air Advanced Training Command) 30Jul53. NAATC Hutchinson 21May54. NAATC Pensacola 30Mar56. NABTC Pensacola 18Jul56 (Naval Air Basic Training Command). O&R Buaer M&S Pensacola 29Jan58. Stored Litchfield Park 19Nov59. Nav DST Monterey (Naval District?) 29Dec60. Redesig TC-45J 18Sep62. O&R Buaer FR Pensacola 2Dec63. USMC FMFLNT Norfolk (Fleet Marine Forces Atlantic) 31Aug64. Redesig UC-45J 14Oct64. Photog May67 at Philadelphia with USMC HQ Sqdn Fleet Marine Forces Atlantic (tail code BZ) markings. Quonset Point 20Dec67. In Jun68 had 10,343 hrs TT. Stored MASDC Davis-Monthan AFB Dec67 with code IC212 worn. Stricken USN 30Apr68 at Tucson, AZ. Transf to Southern Nevada Vo-Tech Center (SNVC), Las Vegas, NV 6Dec68. Ferry permit Tucson to Las Vegas 6Dec68 & used for instructional purposes until 95. Ernest Dean Soest dba National Aircraft Svcs, Mojave, CA (Incorrect BS dated 29Jun96 submitted to FAA showing seller as Clark County School District - SNVC is a part of it). George F. Byard, Dayton, NV BS 29Dec98 & CofR 5May99. Reregd N418GB 23Jun00. CofA 27Mar06. Valid regis Dec13.


Highly Polished Silver with Blue Beech Bird Striping in Excellent Condition


4 Passenger Seats in Gray Fabric, Blue Upholstery, Blue Carpet, Aft Cabin Divider to Baggage Area, Cabin Air Vents and Reading Lights
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