BOEING YL-15 N4770C S/N 47-432

OSHKOSH 2017 Post WWII Grand Champion and Gold Wrench award winner! The only airworthy example in the world! Gigantic spares and support package included. The YL-15 was the last piston powered, prop driven, man carrying aircraft designed by Boeing.



636 Hrs TTSNEW
38 Hours Since Restoration Completed in 2016


Lycoming 0-290-7, 125 H.P.
243 Hours
38 hours since all 4 cylinders valve job, mags, carb, starter & generator overhauled. NOS: carb heat box, cowl flap, both exhaust stacks L & R, and stainless-steel heat muffs for cabin & carb air. 8 new spark plugs and new spark plug wires. All engine baffles restored to new. New carb air filter.
NOS throttle & mixture push rods and bell cranks.


King KX-196 Comm
Trig 22 Transponder
345 ELT
PS Engineering PM50 Intercom


New Goodyear 8.50 x 6 main tires & tubes.
New Goodyear 5.00 x 4 Tailwheel tires & tubes
24 Volt System
New 24 US Gal. Aux. Drop Tank


McCauley Met-L-Prop L8043
S/N 50619 Prod. Cert. No. 3 Type. Cert. 857
38 hours since overhaul & balance by Dominion Propeller
8 new prop bolts

40’ Storage Trailer. Too many parts to list each item, Main Items Include:
Boxes of misc.small parts
Wing tips plus LH Horner wing tip
7 vertical fins Interchangeable L & R
1 elevator trim tab 4” x 8’
1 tail boom
2 horizontal stabilizers
3 elevators
One set of flaperons
Engine mount for Lyc. O-290-7
Front & rear seats
Main gear shock struts
Engine baffles, replaced belly skins, spare instrument panels
Damaged fuselage
Large pile of NOS windows
LH wing
Remains of Damaged RH wing
Many NOS exhaust & stainless heat shrouds
Lots of spare cowling & back doors
Engine air filter
L & R 10 1/2-gallon fuel bladders. 1 self-sealing fuel bladder
Tail wheel asst. & yoke. Misc tubing, box of wing-attach pins, & boom Hardware.
3 pair of L & R observer triangle windows
Observer back door frames



Annual Inspection completed July 2021
Transponder check completed July 2021
Complete logbooks back to March 8, 1949, the day it was completed at Boeing Wichita.
Original maintenance and erection, pilot operating handbook, and parts manual included.
Restricted Aircraft Type Certificate #16 (Transferrable)


Overall Silver with US Army Markings, Stars and Bars, and all stencils applied with paint. Only the N number is vinyl. NOS 1949 plexiglass windows retained with NOS aluminum nuts (nearly 1,000 of them).


Total restoration- Military OD with black panels, all properly remarked per TO.
New panel shock mounts. NOS: control stick canvas boot, & observer compartment message pick up equipment bag. New seat cushions built and covered with NOS Army tent canvas. Same material was used to recover the head impact pad, on the front spar carry through. Original signal flare container on top of battery box. Original first aid kit, complete with every bandaid, tourniquet, wax sealed bottle of aspirin, and everything else it came with circa 1945. Original fire extinguisher bottle, for show only. All new control cables and ends, original turnbuckle barrels refurbished. New pulleys as needed. All NOS door handles.NOS pilot doors L & R.



Performance Specs:

The L-15 was designed for observation, liaison, and forward air control, ease of maintenance in the field, and able to operate out of a 600’ unimproved airstrip
over 50’ obstacles.
It can be operated on wheels, skies and EDO 2425 floats.
This aircraft has full span flaperons totaling 70.9 sq. ft., interconnected with
spoilers for roll control. 
Flaperons move negative 10° up, to full flaps 35° down, in 5° increments
Full power, full flap stall speed 18 mph
Best angle of climb 37 mph
Cruise 100 mph
Rd line 200 mph
Power Lyc. 0-290-7 125 hp
Wing Span 40’
Length 26’
Height 7’ 10”
2 wing tanks 10.5 U.S. gallons each
1 aux. drop tank 24.0 U.S. gallons
Oil 8 qts

Aircraft based at KOSH Airport, WI. Contact Courtesy Aircraft for a showing today!