CESSNA A-37B “DRAGONFLY” N496WM s/n 71-826



Basic Description:  
The A-37 was an updated and strengthen version of the Cessna T-37 trainer. Major changes included:

Stronger wings.
Three  pylons on each wing.
Larger wingtip fuel tanks of 360 liters (95 US gal) capacity.
A General Electric GAU-2B/A 7.62 mm (0.300 in) "Minigun" Gatling-style machine gun, with a rate of fire of 3,000 rounds/minute and 1,500 rounds of ammunition. The weapon was fitted in the right side of the aircraft's nose. A gunsight and gun camera were also fitted.
Better avionics for battlefield communications, navigation, and targeting.
Tougher landing gear for rough-field operation.
Installation of GE J-85 engines of 2400# thrust



Formerly operated by the US Air Force, the aircraft was given to Vietnamese AF. The aircraft was one of two A-37 aircraft that were illegally imported into the USA via Canada. The aircraft were seized in 1989 by US customs and given to the Wings of Eagles Museum in Elmira NY. After a holding period the Museum was given permission to sell the aircraft. The current owner purchased the aircraft from the museum, and it is now FAA registered.  Customs provided a full release on the aircraft enabling the civilian ownership. To the best of the owner’s knowledge the aircraft has under 400 hours.

Complete Aircraft is very complete missing only one tip tank
GE J-85-17 engines installed- appear to be very low time but no records available, engines have been run
Aircraft has been paint stripped and fuselage painted in primer, wings are bare metal
Will need to have a set of overhauled fuel cells installed
Cockpits very complete and stock
Canopy in good condition
Ejections seats included(cold)
Hydraulic and electrical systems in operating order
Included is demilled GAU-2B/A Minigun
Set of wing pylons included
Extra wheels, tires, instruments and radios included
Aircraft manuals

Aircraft located in Elmira, NY. Contact Courtesy Aircraft for a showing!