Price Reduced!



8959 Total Time (time taken from Military records)


Wright Cyclone R-1820-86B, 1425 HP- current time unknown
US Navy overhaul- will need current overhaul or IRAN


Dittel   FSG 2T Com
Narco AT-150 Transponder


Stock Brakes
Large Nose Wheel
Aircraft manuals are included.


Hamilton Standard 43D50 with “C” Blades
0 Hours Since Prop AD Compliance but is due to calendar time expiry

Price Reduced


The current owner has lost interest in completing this project. It is assembled and has been taxied. The engine and accessories are the original US Navy and should be overhauled. There are no logs for the aircraft or engine. The aircraft has been registered with the FAA. The project is very complete and will make a nice aircraft for the new owner. It will require additional investment of time and money. Much of the wiring and cables have been replaced. The aircraft will need to be thoroughly inspected to verify previous work.


Overall Dark Blue, US Navy Paint Scheme


Overall Light Gray, Black Glare Shields, Stock Military, 5 Point Hooker Harness

Side History- Note sent to Courtesy Aircraft:
My dad flew while he was an instructor with VT-2. He flew only once, 140542 in June of 1968 shortly after transferring to VT-2. Attached is his log entry showing the flight in 140542, the listing shows that no logs are available for the aircraft, now you have at least a flight log entry!   

Here is a bit about my dad's Navy career: My dad attended Michigan State University and entered the Naval Aviation Cadet (NavCad) program upon graduation in 1952.  He started flying SNJ's and experienced his first carrier trap in December of that year.  After further single engine training he moved to multi-engine prop aircraft flying the P4Y, P2V, C1,S2f,  etc. He did a couple of cruises on the Kearsarge and flew C-130's to Antarctica to support Navy personnel on 'the ice'.   He then transitioned back to single engine aircraft flying with VT-2 out of Whiting Field in Milton Florida where he was a flight instructor there from June 1967 - April 1967.  It was a busy time as he was flying up to 90 hours a month and 2-3 hops per day (plus paperwork!).  After VT-2 he moved back into large multi-engine aircraft flying mostly EC121's until his retirement in July of 1973 where he ended his flying with 7,253 hours TT. He passed away in 2010. Below is a photo of my dad when he was at Whiting Field, he was 37 years old in the photo and a Lieutenant Commander.

Located in Burlington WI. Contact Courtesy to schedule your inspection.