PBY-5A Super Catalina Project (Consolidated Vultee Model 28-5ACF) N5PY s/n 417 Standard Airworthiness Certified



3279 Hrs TTSNEW


P&W 1830-94

LH:                 760 Hrs SMOH (Preserved per P&W Instructions)

RH:                 773 Hrs SMOH (Preserved per P&W Instructions)


Dual King KX 155 Nav/Comms (One is 780 Channel with Glide Slope)
King KT-76A Transponder
King KR-87 ADF
King KMA 24 Audio Panel


 LH:                 25 Hrs SMOH (out of 5 year limit)

RH:                 25 Hrs SMOH (out of 5 year limit)



Land Stair

Aft Stairs
Wing Boats
1800 Gallons
Hull Redone per Drawings
Metal Wings
Super Cat Tail
Rebuilt Airstair Pylon

Controls need to be covered
Hydraulic Lines need to be installed
Old Wiring removed, will need to be re-wired
Spare King KX-155s
Spare Transponder
Spare Lift Cables
Spare Cowl Flaps


Built in San Diego, November 1941. Serial Number 417 was delivered to Canada for war time operations as Canso 9746.  Its actual wartime service is unknown, but patina found in the aircraft bow during restoration show that it was in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia during the time frame of 1941 and 1942.  Logic would dictate that the aircraft likely served on Coastal Patrol and Convey Escort Duties along the Eastern Coast of Canada and between North America and Iceland.

Bought post war by Southern California Aircraft Services in Ontario California, the aircraft was modified under the requirements of FAA Type Certificate Number 785 as a Consolidated 28-5ACF and certificated in the Standard Airworthy Category.  The aircraft was extensively upgraded to the LANDSEAIRE Flying Yacht conversion with seating for 17 Passengers and Two Crew.  Almost all options of the LANDSEAIRE Conversion were installed, including dual under wing support boats, Aft Airstair Passenger Entry Door, Passenger Emergency Exits, Vista Lounge View Blisters and Upgraded Pratt and Whitney 1830-75 engines producing 1350 horsepower at Take-Off Power.

The aircraft has been further upgraded by previous owners with the installation of the Super Cat Rudder, Metalized Trailing Edge Wing Sections and Boosted Aileron Trim Tabs.

In the late 1960’s, Dr. Forrest Bird operated the aircraft as support for his medical sales program.  Dr. Bird performed an extensive airframe and engine overhaul on the aircraft and installed by STC, two Lycoming GO-480 engines and auxiliary fuel bladders in the outboard wing panels.  This four engine conversion was known as the Bird Innovator.  While the additional engines increased the cruise speed by approximately 20 knots, the additional weight of the STC increased the aircraft’s empty weight 2,000 pounds above the manufactures maximum design weight for safe water operations.  Contrary to some suggestions, the angle of incidence of the wing and the horizontal surfaces were not changed during this modification.  This was verified by comparing measurements of the actual aircraft to original Consolidated drawings.

The Current Owner, after operating the aircraft for approximately 25 hours decided that an IRAN (Inspect and Repair As Necessary) was required as intergranular corrosion, an unfortunate malady common to all PBY’s, was risking the integrity of the aircraft and safety of Crew.  It was also decided that the Innovator STC would be removed to return the aircraft to a weight that would allow for safer water operations.  This IRAN has included the manufacture and installation of a complete new Keel and Keelson, Stringers and Hull Plating.  All Extrusions and Metal are of new manufacture to Original Specifications with proper Documentation.  All parts have been manufactured using Original Consolidated 1Aircraft Drawings.  All individual parts were Etched, Alodined and then painted with a Boeing “Fluid Resistant” Epoxy Primer prior to assembly.  Sealing was accomplished utilizing current technology Marine sealants.  All Steel parts have been Cadmium Plated and painted with Boeing primer.  Original style AN442 Rivets were utilized where required and all new hardware has been installed.  The majority of Southern California Aircraft Services LANDSEAIRE drawings for the interior modifications are present.

An extensive spares package including New Wheel assemblies, Overhauled Brake assembly, New Exhaust assemblies, Cowl Flaps, Hydraulic Components, Original Engine Service Platforms and Aircraft and Propeller Lifting Cables has been assembled.

Over $700,000 has been spent on this IRAN to date.

N5PY is the last surviving PBY with the intact LANDSEAIRE conversion, including the under wing boat installation and Blisters, that has not been modified as a Fire Bomber or Magnetometer aircraft.  It’s corporate, pampered use shows in the aircrafts low total time and the lack of dents and dings along the aircrafts chine.



Estimated Empty Weight is 22,000 lbs
Last Flown 1997
Work Started in 1998
No Military Logs
Owner will consider a T-28 trade plus cash
Hangar Available for Rent- 60 X 60 at Aurora, Oregon


Boeing Primer, Etch

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