NORTH AMERICAN SNJ-4 N6360G s/n 88-13132 “Restored to Perfection” Oshkosh Golden Wrench Award Winner

This aircraft is the finest example of its type in the world. To our knowledge, there is no other SNJ like it in existence. It is not simply a “restoration” of a previously existing high time airframe. N6360G began with the fuselage steel frame and data plate. From that simple beginning, it was built up using the finest N.O.S. (New Old Stock) lowest and zero-time components and sub-assemblies attainable. Every component fully rebuilt, certified, and meticulously assembled…effectively resulting in a “factory-fresh” zero time WWII SNJ-4. This aircraft ranks in the top tier…the best of the best…of all restored Warbirds in the world. Finished in 2014 and first shown at Oshkosh in July of that year, it immediately garnered numerous awards including: -The “Judge’s Appreciation Award” -The “Phoenix Award” For A/C most demonstrating “rising from the ashes to fly again. -The “Keep ‘Em Flying Award” This Oshkosh Grand Champion equivalent award is designed to honor an aircraft not only for the quality and authenticity of its restoration…but to specifically reward and encourage the addition of modern technological upgrades to enhance reliability and safety. This aircraft has 19 such FAA-approved upgrades. N6360G is the first Oshkosh winner to ever qualify to receive this remarkable award.


Purchase of T-6/SNJ in need of Restoration: $100,000 Overhaul Engine and Propeller: $55,000 Reskin Wings ($30,000 x 2): $60,000 Reskin Center Section: $20,000 Reskin Aft Fuselage: $20,000 Instrument Overhaul: $15,000 Paint: $35,000 Avionics: $25,000 Tires, Hoses, Rubber Goods: $5,000 Overhaul Accessories: $4,000 Fabric: $10,000 Purchase Electrical Parts/Wiring: $10,000 Glass: $2,000 Labor (3,000-4,000 Hours) x $60 (est. by Award Winning Warbird Shops): $180,000-$240,000 Misc. Parts, Fairings, Covers: $20,000 TOTAL: $561,000- $621,000