Formerly Operated by Air America, Beech 18 Powered by Twin Garrett TPE-331-1-101B Engines, Volpar TriGear



25457 Hrs TTSNEW



Twin Garrett TPE-331-1-101B (STC)
LH:    7194 SMOH
RH:   5690 SMOH


Co-Pilot Panel
Increased loading  (STC SA1961WE)
Battery overheat warning
Larger one piece cargo door
Fuselage modified to “E”, high cabin
Aerospace products cockpit door entrance door
Aerospace products wing spar strap
Reinforced bulkheads
Leading edge landing lights
Wing flap aural warning if flaps are below 30 degrees and wheels are not down
STC installation of TPE-331 engines and Volpar tricycle landing gear
Wing aux tanks
Metal control surfaces
Stabilizer incidence of angle change
Long window frames



N9157Z is a Beech 18 by modified by Air Asia Company for Air America in July of 1965.   It was based in Saigon.  The history of the plane includes distributing leaflets and was being hit by ground fire, Moved personnel cargo, other things in and around Saigon during the Vietnam war. It was hit again by ground fire again and moved to Vientiane.  Was used to assist in the evacuation of Saigon and flew to Bangkok.  The aircraft was ferried to Roswell New Mexico in June of 1975.  It went to several US cargo operators and then sold to the current owner in 2017.  It was the current owner’s intent to restore this airplane as it was exactly as it was when delivered to Air America in 1965.  The owner’s plans have changed and the aircraft is now offered for sale. There are several pictures of it sitting brand new out of the shop.  We believe that this aircraft’s extensive history makes it a candidate for preservation.  There is an Air America society that can assist in the details.


Aircraft has not flown since 2004.
Missing one propeller and needs engine work
Spar inspection at 25,456 Hours


White with Red Stripes


Cargo with Honeycomb cockpit flooring and cargo liner

Aircraft is located in Mississippi. Contact Courtesy Aircraft for details!SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION UPON INSPECTION