Vought Sikorski F4U-1 “Birdcage” Corsair Project Package

VMF-214 “Black Sheep”


Courtesy Aircraft is proud to present one of the most rare and desirable warbird projects. The aircraft was part of the most famous squadron in the Pacific- VMF-214 “Black Sheep”, Commanded by “Pappy Boyington”. Corsair 02608 was flown by 2nd Lt. Wayland E. Bennett and crashed in October 1943, while on a training mission from Espiritu Santo. Lt. Bennett was listed as MIA.

Another member of VMF-214, James Hill also documents flying this aircraft in his logs. 2nd Lt. Wayland E. Bennett  was recovered by the US Govt in 1994 and returned home for proper burial. The aircraft was salvaged in 2014 and legally exported to Australia where it became registered.
There is additional detail on the of history for the aircraft and a 352 page book written about the search for it and eventual recovery of 2nd Lt. Wayland E. Bennett.  Click Here to Read More

The aircraft did not catch fire when it hit the ground so still has original paint and markings.


Details on the package being offered-
Registered in Australia as VH-AQU BuNo 02608
- There are 2 shipping containers full of parts
- The rear fuselage and inner wings/landing gears of 02608 - The main spar and guns were stolen from the crash site.
- The main spar and outer wings from 02270
- All additional parts from the 02608 crash site
- All of the additional parts from 02270 that weren't incorporated in it's restoration.
- The engine was left at the crash site as a memorial to 2nd Lt. Wayland E. Bennett.
- Many templates from the restoration of 02270
- All packed into 2 near new 20 foot shipping containers which are included in the sale.