February 2013 NAS Pensacola Special 2 Day Insiders Tour

Courtesy Aircraft, AT&T Recovery and the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation sponsored a private 2 day event that included several behind the scenes activities and tours.  Participant’s even had the option to fly and land at NAS Sherman Field.

Highlights of the 2 day tour included:

  1.     Navy’s Water Survival Training
  2.     Navy’s Air Traffic Control Center Training
  3.     National Flight Academy Tour
  4.     Naval Air Museum’s Restoration Center
  5.     Past, Present and Future Restorations & Recoveries
  6.     Private Reception with Retired Navy Personnel

This exclusive event will increase your appreciation for past and current Naval operations.  You will see first-hand the efforts to preserve the U.S. Naval Aviation History. Contact Mark Clark or Darcy Kaapke should you be interested in attending the next insider’s tour.

A note from Texas:

“Mark, Been flying the SNJ almost every day. Have about 18 hours on it and pulled cowling and changes oil yesterday. Screens were clean. You sold me a really nice airplane! Much thanks!”


Thank you Mark!

Mark, Thanks for getting me connected with Harvard N1811B. The condition and equipment of this Harvard was even better than advertised, and has allowed me to hit the ground running with my Harvard Extreme Air Show Act. Imagine finding a pristine Canadian Harvard in Texas. Lucky for me, your reach is world wide. I look forward to sending you some air show pics from this season.”

Veteran’s Forum

On Sunday, November 9, EAA Warbird Squadron 4 held its Annual Veterans Forum at Courtesy Aircraft’ s hanger. Thank you for all who attended and our speaker Richard Diller who talked to us about his search and rescue missions in the Skyraider during the Vietnam War.


Courtesy Aircraft Sales recently assisted the Mid America Flight Museum with several aircraft acquisitions: N151MC North American P-51D and N773RD FG-1D Corsair (pictured). These two excellent fighter aircraft joined the fleet and several other warbirds Courtesy Aircraft sold to the museum in the past few years.

Photos: Tyson Rininger


HEROES ON DECK: World War II on Lake Michigan, a documentary Harvey Moshman, Executive Producer has been working on for several years, will be broadcast nationally over most PBS stations this Memorial Day weekend. WTTW, our network presenting station, will run it Thursday May 26th @ 9pm & Sunday May 29th @ 6pm.

HEROES ON DECK tells the little-known story of a bold and innovative local response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Following that catastrophic event, the U.S. Navy was desperate for aircraft carrier-qualified pilots. With enemy submarines patrolling both coasts, a radical idea was proposed: why not train pilots in the safety of Lake Michigan? Two Great Lakes passenger steamers were purchased and immediately converted into makeshift aircraft carriers, the USS Wolverine and USS Sable. Between 1942 and the end of the war, more than 15,000 aviators – including future President George H.W. Bush — were trained aboard these “freshwater flattops.”

Crashes and “water landings” often led to serious injuries and occasionally death. As a result, more than one hundred fighters and dive-bombers sank to the bottom of the lake. To date, more than 40 aircraft have been brought to the surface. HEROES ON DECK captures some of the key recoveries and restoration efforts, and celebrates the stories of the brave pilots who survived this ingenious training operation. Narrated by legendary CBS and A&E newsman BILL KURTIS, HEROES ON DECK, brings to life a vital chapter of American history.

His partners John Davies, Brian Kallies and hope you’ll have a chance to watch.

Harvey Moshman, Executive Producer

Mark’s P-51 Mustang Anniversary Flight!

Sunday, May 22nd, Mark Clark, President of Courtesy Aircraft, had the awesome opportunity to fly a P-51 Mustang. Not just any Mustang but the exact Mustang that he first flew 38 years ago to the day. Thanks to Mike George for allowing him the great privilege. There are many people that this aircraft has touched- great restoration by Jack Rose and the caretakers along the way- John Castrogiovanni, Victor Haluska and Mike who has had the aircraft since 1990. The people who own, maintain and fly these aircraft as tribute to the “greatest generation” are very special. Mark has been honored to sell this Mustang four times. A special thank you for Frank Strickler for the great checkout so many years ago. First photo is Frank arriving in RFD winter 1977, the other photos from the anniversary flight. Mark was also was thinking about all the great people that have been a part of his life through Warbirds and our common love of aviation. Thanks for enriching his life and “Keep em Flying”.


“Thank you for your assistance in securing the purchase of the Harvard. My late Uncle flew this aircraft in the 50’s when NATO allowed former WWII Luftwaffe Pilots to fly again. Best Regards, Ray”

The Courtesy Aircraft Staff wishes Ray the best with his new Harvard! What a wonderful opportunity for him to own and fly the same aircraft his Uncle flew. Keep ’em Flying!

The Best of Husky Flying!

“I can’t say enough great things about my experience with Courtesy Aircraft Sales. You handled every detail and made the entire process seamless, from filing paperwork to dropping off a rental car and packing and shipping aircraft skis. I sincerely appreciate all the help.” – Dan Kozak