Posted By: Ray

I bought ’57 BE35H from you two years ago. Great airplane. Hangared since I got it. Virtually unchanged, good compression, using 0 oil, no metal. Looking to trade up to faster BE35 or light twin (Baron, PA-30, Aztec)…Contacting you because 1) You know my airplane, and 2) You delivered exactly what you said you would.

Posted By: Chris Birrell

I have been an active viewer of this website since my first flight in a CJ6A Nanchang back in 1998, and my hopes of one day becoming a Warbird owner/operator had begun. It got me addicted to flying, and to Courtesy’s Website! 10 Years later, I am currently flying Learjets. Throughout my last few days of high school, and throughout college, Courtesy Aircraft was always a site that I could get my warbird fix. It’s amazing to see all the different aircraft come and go – and even watch the same ones pop up more than once! I remember about 10 years ago when I was just finishing up high school in the Bay Area, and Ray Diekman was at the Santa Rosa Air Show with Marines Dream. David Etchell, a friend of Ray’s, was the man who took me on my first flight the year prior in the Nanchang. At the time, I didn’t know anything about Ray’s amazing Corsair. I remember he was not flying it in the airshow that day because he was feeling sick with a head cold, but he offered me to climb up inside… it was just freshly restored and what an amazing treat that was. I remember asking him how fast he had gone so far. He replied with “Around 350mph.” Years later I see it for sale on Courtesy. It brings back such great memories and only now, years later, I realize how special that was. Such a small community the warbird family is, and one day hope to be an owner and part of. One thing’s for sure, when the day comes along where I can start off with a T-6 or T-28, Mark Clark and the people at Courtesy Aircraft will be the folks I seek.

Posted By: Robin C. Crandall, M.D.

I write this letter to personally thank you for your kind donation to help bring the Hawker Sea Fury “Sawbones” to Reno and back this year. Without your support this type of racing activity would virtually be impossible. The airplane arrived in Reno safely and cam back with very little problem. We did have a few coils that had to be replaced and some ignition parts on the way back from Reno but otherwise we got back safe and sound…..Thanks again for your tremendous support of this racing team.

Posted By: Marcel Peerlkamp

Scat VII is now operational. Last Friday I did two test flights. They went very smooth. Saturday I flew with Jan for the first time. We went on a 2 hour navigation flight and ferried Scat VII to Antwerp in Belgium. Jan was very impressed by the performance of the Mustang. He is very happy to finally have flown his new aircraft!

Thanks for all your support; it would never have been possible to buy a Mustang of this quality, without inspecting it ourselves first, if Courtesy wasn’t the broker. Well done to you and your team!!

Mark, I wish you and your team a Merry Christmas and a happy 2010!

Posted By: Jan van der Flier

Hello Mark, Sorry for my late reaction but I did spend four days in the Mustang. I am very happy she has arrived and we worked hard to assemble her. She is in marvelous condition and built with enormous craftsmanship. We all are impressed about the rebuilding job that has been done. We had to trust you about the aircraft and it was worth it, we only had some internet photo’s to decide the sale. We got a wonderful restored Mustang from you. Thanks Mark.

Posted By: David Pasahow

Dear Mark,

I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks again for the support provided by Darcy and your entire staff concerning the sale of my Piper Lance aircraft. This is the second aircraft that you’ve sold for me – and I think this one went even smoother than the first.

Everyone on your team knows what they are doing, appreciates a sense of urgency and possesses a pragmatism that is refreshing and necessary in today’s difficult aircraft marketplace.

Thanks again to all of your team, and I assure you that Courtesy Aircraft will remain my Number One resource in the aircraft acquisition/marketing arena.

Posted By: Marcus Montenecourt

Darcy, Made it back to NJ after about 5 hours of flying. N95242 is a wonderful plane and was a joy to fly this afternoon. I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Courtesy for your professional handling and attention to detail. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Posted By: Mark Holt

Everyone was very helpful in the purchasing process of my L-19 Bird Dog. I was very pleased with the professional manner in which this transaction occurred.

Posted By: Diane Flaugher

My thanks to Darcy and Courtesy for helping make purchasing my second plane such a trouble free event.

Posted By: Fred

Mark and Kathi, thank you for this good news, nice job. I have one more reason to be happy to have worked with Courtesy for buying a Mustang. Thanks again, I appreciate the way you work.

Posted By: Mike Hall

Mark, thanks to you and your team for moving our T-6 in a timely and professional manner. I’m sorry it needed all the attention you had to give it, but glad it was in your capable hands.

Posted By: Scott Glover

I probably bought the cheapest plane Mark sold in 2011, yet he treated me like I was buying a Corsair! The transaction went flawlessly even though it was not in Mark’s inventory. I very much appreciate the efforts of your company. All the best.

Posted By: Keith Masserang

The experience was a positive one. Considering that there is always a little contention when negotiating, things worked well and the airplane has been trouble free in the first 4 months of ownership.

Posted By: John B Schonhorst, Jr. & Cindy Schonhorst

Fantastic service from the entire staff. As someone that is new in the aircraft and warbird ownership arena, your attention to detail and ability to dissipate any apprehensions with plain language answers and facts on ownership sealed the deal. I strongly recommend Courtesy for any warbird requirements, sales, service or administrative support. You guys are the best.