BEECH T-34C-1 N234CC s/n GM 85

Lowest Airframe Total Time T-34C Available on the Market! This T-34C-1 was imported from Gabon and has been IRAN’d Beautiful Condition Inside and Out
Price Reduced!



1,394 Hours TTSNEW


Pratt and Whitney PT-6A-21, 550 H.P.
(Inverted Oil Tank Available For Install)
144 Hours SHS, 13,244 Hours Total Time
12647 Cycles Since New, 4428 Cycles Since Overhaul


Trig TY91 Comm
Trig TT22/ TC90 Transponder/ ADSB
Collins DME
Collins PN-101 Slaved HSI
Collins RMI


3 Blade Hartzell HC-B3TN-3H with T10173N-11R blades
106 Hours SPOH

Details of Iran
Landing gear actuator assembly overhauled. 
Landing gear overhauled by Aircraft & Component Technical Services. 
New windscreen.
New wing bolts.
Seats recovered by Cannon interiors using Custom Soft Core back from Oregon Aero.
Landing gear motor overhauled 
New paint 2017 Painted per Navy Paint Manual. 
New fuel bladders 2018
Fuel Boost pump overhauled.
New ignition leads
New igniters
New fuel cutoff bracket
New starter outlet duct
Horizontal/ Vertical Stab, Rudder, Elevator Assembly reskinned by Aircraft & Component Technical Services. 
New float switch for fuel drain collector.
Both Altimeters overhauled.

Price Reduced


GM-85 was originally delivered to a Beech dealer in Paris, France in February 1983, being flown across the Atlantic then on to the destination of Gabon, West equatorial Africa, where it was used as a presidential escort aircraft. At the time the president of Gabon flew in a Brazilian made Bandeirante with two T-34C-1’s on each wing tip. This T-34C-1 was handpicked of the 3 that were available and is the lowest time. 

T-34C-1 differences from US Navy T-34C’s, the dash 1 version incorporated reinforced wings with hard points for gun packs or bombs. 


Annual Condition Inspection Completed June 2023
Airworthiness Directives complied with
Transponder Check Completed December 2022
All Records since DOB including Military and Civilian Logbooks
A very rare set of wing pylons are included
Aircraft Manuals included
Cleveland Brakes
Air Conditioning Unit Included (Missing bracket and pump head that attaches on engine)


Overall Dark Navy Blue with Stars and Bars, chrome spinner


Cockpits in excellent stock military configuration!

Performance (Under 10,000 feet)
Fuel Burn: 37 Gals Per Hour
180-200 knots indicated airspeed

Aircraft located at KPAE Airport. Contact Darcy Kaapke at Courtesy Aircraft to schedule a Showing!