EAA – Warbirds of America

EAA – Warbirds of America promotes and encourages the preservation and safe operation of ex-military aircraft, better known as Warbirds. These wonderful aircraft are an important part of our aviation heritage. Please join us in our efforts to “Keep ‘Em Flying!”

North American Trainer Association (NATA)

The North American Trainer Association (NATA) is an independent, non-profit corporation dedicated to the restoration and safe flying of North American Trainers such as the AT-6/SNJ/Harvard, NA-64, NA-50, TB-25, TF-51, AND T-28 aircraft.

T-34 Association

AOPA-Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

A good site for anyone interested in General Aviation and its issues.

EAA- Experimental Aircraft Association

A great site for anyone interested in the dynamic world of flight.

Red Star Pilots Association

The RedStar Pilots Association is a Federal 501(c) (3) Not-For-Profit corporation registered in the state of Virginia. The association mission is to promote and preserve the safe operation, display and enjoyment of all aircraft — jet to prop, aerobatic, sport, warbird and utility — especially those originating in the current and former communist block nations. The RPA strives to function as a clearing house for information related to maintenance and safe operation of our aircraft. Through our designated Check Pilots and Instructor Pilots, and the national F.A.S.T. organization, we develop performance standards, principles and techniques which we disseminate to member pilots in order to promote safe formation flight and the safe operation of our aircraft.

Stearman Restorers Association

The Stearman Restorers Association is an independent “Not for Profit”  501C-3 Corporation dedicated to the preservation, restoration, flying and safety of Stearman Aircraft through the education of both members and the public.  The Stearman was a primary trainer for both Army and Navy cadets in WWII.