CAC Aircraft Checklist

We would like to take a moment to thank‐you for choosing Courtesy Aircraft Classifieds. After working in aircraft sales for over 50 years, we have found that the information listed below helps you to better market your aircraft. The general rule is, that the more information you have up‐front, the easier and faster it will be to sell your aircraft.

Aircraft specifications:

  • Airframe Time
  • Engine Type and Times, Overhauled and/or Topped, and Name of Overhaul Facility
  • Propeller Type and Times, Name of Overhaul Facility
  • Exterior Description-Markings, Year Painted, Condition, etc.
  • List of Avionics and Radios
  • List of Equipment and Options
  • List of ADs that have been complied with and next due
  • Annual Inspection Status

In addition to specifications of the aircraft:

  • A good set of photos of inside and outside of the aircraft-digital. Include some close-up shots of the aircraft showing detail, i.e. propeller, wheel wells, leading edges, tail, etc. Also please be sure the aircraft is in clean condition-the less clutter the better.
  • Any Magazine Articles or Published Stories on your Aircraft