Equipped with rear jump seat Great two seat Warbird Complete package including spare engine, engine and airframe parts. Combining the best of British post war fighter design with American radial engine technology, this Sea Fury is a show-stopper with amazing performance. Aircraft completed a ground-up restoration by George Baker – American Aero Services, as his personal aircraft

Outstanding Spares Package including Propeller, Engine and Overhauled Accessories! 


3910 Hrs TTSNEW
600 Hrs since conversion and overhaul


Curtiss Wright R-3350-26WD, 600 Hrs since major overhaul by Aircraft Cylinder and Turbine, new cylinders installed at overhaul, 118 hours since IRAN by Anderson Airmotive


Garmin 430 GPS/COM
Garmin SL-30 #2 COMM
NSD-360 Slaved HSI
Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
S-TEC 60-1 Autopilot


Split nose bowl
Front bank, rear bank and return oil pressure gauges
Dual inverters Dual oil temperature gauges engine inlet and engine outlet
Torque meter
Shadin fuel flow
 Induction temperature gauge
24 Circuit Annunciator panel with heads up caution light
Sanders smoke generators
Some spares and support equipment


Hamilton Standard 24E60/6501A-0 blades, 150 Hrs since overhaul
AD 81-13-06 due 2024

AIRFRAME – items part of original restoration:
NEW center section
NEW wings
NEW fairings
NEW landing gear and parking brakes
NEW F-102 wheels and brakes; bearings and seals
NEW gear doors
NEW flaps
NEW antennas
NEW fuel cell (Ballistic nylon) 155 gal. with fuel gauge
NEW glass – 1½” windshield (bird-proof)
NEW gill doors (extended) gill door flow modification
NEW (2) taxi lights in wheel wells; (2) landing lights installed in wings (retractable)
NEW wings and tail strobes (3)
NEW power supplies – remote – (3) each
NEW pitot stainless mast
NEW heated pitot head
NEW retract wing fold and wing lock cylinders with proximity switches (4 each) and mechanical indicators
NEW re-designed gear-stay swivel links
NEW jump seat
NEW baggage compartment
Canopy and cockpit access door can be jettisoned
Skyraider cockpit master brake cylinders with back-up system accumulator (2) hydraulic pumps
Nitrogen blow-down system for gear and flaps
NEW bearings all control rods and push-pull tubes
NEW Sanders spinner (stock shape and size with after-body)
NEW gun port fairings (2) with 20mm dummy guns
NEW gun port flush fairings (for racing)
All new wiring marked with stock numbers where applicable
Oxygen system with six bottles (high pressure late model system)
NEW extended canopy for rear-seater
Extra cockpit ventilation
Late-model U.S. fighter stick grip
All hydraulic components re-built and re-fitted for U.S. Parker seals, quads and O-rings
NEW teleflex control cables for throttle-mixture-prop (high temp) gear-flap and fuel selector
Electrical and mechanical gear indicators
(2) 112 U.S. gallon drop tanks
450 gallon fuel capacity
Canopy cover




Oshkosh and Sun & Fun award winner
Great airshow performer
Raced and won the 1st Texas Unlimited Bronze; 1st Denver Unlimited Silver; 1stReno Unlimited Bronze
Annual Inspection will be completed with sale
Firewall forward restoration in 2004 by Nelson Ezell (new oil tank, oil cooler, hoses, etc.)
Original restoration was done by George Baker as his personal aircraft.
Storage locker behind jump seat (enough for two people for a week)
New instrument panel installed winter 2005
Carb Overhauled 2016
Recent Battery
Many Aircraft Hoses changed 2016



Overall Light Gray with Red spinner, Royal Australian Navy scheme


Redone Light Gray, all instruments overhauled, cockpit updated to modern configuration. Recent canopy glass. Jump seat in rear with extended canopy, oxygen and intercom.

 NEW stainless steel exhaust system
NEW 32 gallon oil tank
All cylinders and parts were replaced with NEW cylinders, etc., rather than overhauled ones
All engine accessories were overhauled or new
Clean kit system
Water injection system ADI
Manifold pressure controller
All new Aero-quip hoses
Fire shield with fire wall forward
Halon fire system
Dual zero-time oil coolers
Automatic oil doors with manual mode at cockpit
Separate engine oil filter
NEW pre-oil pump
Fire and over-temp sensor system
Electric cockpit – controlled fuel and oil shut-offs               


Wingspan                    38 feet                         Powerplant                  Wright 3350, 2500 

Length                         35 feet                         Max Speed                  430 mph

Height                         15 feet                         Service Ceiling            35K feet

Empty Weight             9,000 lbs.                     Range                          600 nm

Max Weight                12,500 lbs.                   Range w/ tanks           1100 nm

Aircraft located at Anoka County Airport, MN. Contact Courtesy to arrange an inspection.