Testimonial from Jens

Mark, Just a brief update. I just flew my 50th hour in the Bearcat last night. The plane is doing well. Attached are some pictures. The plane is an amazing performer and the Mustang folks do not enjoy taking off with me. Give your staff my regards and tell them that she is in good hands and flown 2-3 times per week.

Best regards, Jens

NATA T-28 Formation Clinic

Sponsored by Courtesy Aircraft

Hi Mark, Just a quick note to say “Thank-you” again for your help in sponsoring the NATA T-28 Formation Clinic in Conord, NC. The weather was wonderful, everyone flew a lot and had a great time! Thanks again for your help!

-Anggie Mitchard

Rare B-17 Flying Fortress!

At Courtesy Aircraft’s home airport in Rockford, IL, we had the privilege to have EAA’s “Aluminum Overcast” visit on it’s tour around the United States.

Check out our photos of the Flight in the Fortress! It was a flight to remember!!

Did you know?

– The B-17 dropped more bombs than any other United States aircraft during WWII

– 12,726 B-17 Aircraft were built and only 15 remain airworthy today

– EAA’s “Aluminum Overcast” was purchased in the mid-40s as surplus for only $750!

Click here to view “Aluminum Overcast’s” Tour Schedule and Pricing

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Douglas DC-3

Courtesy Aircraft had the opportunity to participate and several activities celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the DC-3. Our very own N1944H “Spirit of Alaska” flew to Whiteside Airport in Sterling, IL for the gathering of over 32 DC-3s and C-47s. We couldn’t ask for better weather or a greater turn out!

The following day, it was off to AirVenture in Oshkosh! N1944H participated in the formation flight over the airport on opening day!

Then, a DC-3 Party at Basler Turbo Conversions with all participating DC-3 Crews! Food, drinks and their impressive facilities were open for viewing. We all had a great time- Thank you for your hospitality Basler!

On Thursday, our DC-3 was able to participate in the AirVenture Airshow!

Photos by Darcy Kaapke, Mike Carlson and Jim Rezich.

Help bring Embry Riddle to RFD!

The Rockford region has an excellent opportunity to land the world’s leading aerospace and aviation university.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is searching for the site of its third residential campus, and a prime spot at Chicago Rockford International Airport is the perfect place (Courtesy Aircraft Sales Home Airport). A campus would help our regional aerospace industry soar, bringing more jobs, money and people to this area.

Sign the petition at http://www.rocktheair.com/

Family History Honored on Customer’s New Warbird

“If you noticed the names below the forward canopy widow, they are my Uncle, Al Kinder, my Dad’s younger Brother, who flew B-17’s during WWII over Europe after his pilot training was finished and my Dad who was an instructor during the war.

My Dad, eventually went on to fly for Eastern Airlines during the war. Both lived into their 80’s. I felt an emotional obligation to put their names on my aircraft to honor them as aviators and to honor their lives. Both were strong influences on my and my brother’s lives and aviation careers.”

Congratulations Lou! N3753G Looks Great!

Congratulations to Addison- New Owner of a Grumman Goose Project!

“The Goose transaction went very smooth with your help and expertise. The airplane was everything we had hoped for in terms of a structurally sound Grumman G21A Goose project for me and my family. I was very pleased with the negotiation process and the fairness on the part of the Palm Springs Air Museum and yourself. Your reputation as a straight shooter rings true. Now we get busy and start to breath new life into this treasure over the next few years.” – Addison Pemberton

T-33 Returns to the Sky’s of Norway!

Courtesy Aircraft Sells Aircraft Worldwide:

T-33 Returns to the Sky’s of Norway!

See Photos to view this remarkable Trans-Atlantic trip!

A special thank you to our partners- Heritage Aero, Avionics Place and International Jets for making this possible.

Start: Rockford, IL USA- Quebec City, Canada – Goosebay, Newfoundland- Narsarsuac, Greenland – Kevlavik, Iceland – End: Norway

EAA’s Squadron 4 Veteran’s Day Forum Held at Courtesy Aircraft’s Hanger

Guest Speaker- George Kaiser was a radar navigator on a B-17 in the 8th air force, 452th bomb group, 729t​h squadron. On his 26th mission, his squadron was attacked by ME 109’s, 190’s, and 262’s. The 109’s rammed 2 of the B-17’s as they were out of ammo. He gave his presentation to us at the Veterans’ Forum and it was a treat!

We hope to see you again next year!

Click Photos Below to Enlarge

FM-2 WILDCAT pulled this morning from Waukegan Harbor

Today on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we had an opportunity to witness a Wildcat being pulled from the cold waters of Lake Michigan.

U.S. Navy to recover a historic World War II aircraft from Lake Michigan

WAUKEGAN – A World War II Fighter that has been sitting at the bottom of Lake Michigan off the Chicago shoreline for more than 65 years will be brought to the surface this week.

The National Naval Aviation Museum with the Naval History and Heritage Command initiated the undertaking.  The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation is sponsoring the location, recovery, restoration, and eventual display of a World War II Eastern Aircraft FM-2 Wildcat Fighter from the depths of Lake Michigan.  The Foundation will complete the recovery portion of the effort this week using a crew from A and T Recovery.  This recovery has been made possible through a generous donation from Mr. Charles Greenhill, of Mettawa, Illinois.

This effort will lead to another important World War II aircraft being presented to the American public that shows the significant history of the Greatest Generation, whose courage and dedication to our country preserved America’s and the world’s freedom, stated Capt. Ed Ellis, JAGC, USN (Ret.), Vice President of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation.  The Naval Aviation Museum will work for display of the Wildcat in the Chicago area in a venue, such as, the Glenview Hangar One Museum.

On December 28, 1944 the weather forecast for Chicago read, Fair and continued rather cold today.  At 1151 hours FM-2 Wildcat Bureau Number 57039 crashed into Lake Michigan in about 200 feet of water.  Her pilot at the time was Ensign William E. Forbes.  Ensign Forbes was in the process of making his third take-off of his aircraft carrier qualification off the USS Sable.  Apparently the engine checked out O.K.   However, on the take-off roll the engine began to pop and then quit completely.  57039 rolled off the bow of the ship and sank.  The accident was determined to be 100% material (engine failure).

This airplane crashed in Lake Michigan during aircraft carrier qualification training, which was conducted on Lake Michigan during the early to mid-1940s.  More than 17,000 pilots completed the training including LTJG George H. Bush, later to become U.S. President.  The aircraft carriers used for training docked at Navy Pier in Chicago and the airplanes and pilots flew from Glenview Naval Air Station at Glenview, Illinois.

A and T Recovery, in conjunction with the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, the National Naval Aviation Museum, and the Naval History and Heritage Command, has been responsible for the rescue of approximately forty World War II aircraft from the depths of Lake Michigan.  These aircraft are now on display in museums and airports around the United States, including Hawaii.  Two notable examples are currently on display in Chicago, a Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat Fighter on display at O’Hare International Airport and a Douglas SDB Dauntless Dive-bomber at Midway Airport.

MEDIA ADVISORY:  The salvaged aircraft will be removed from the water at approximately 10 a.m. Friday, December 7, 2012 at Larsen Marine at Waukegan Harbor in Waukegan, Illinois.  News media coverage of this portion of the operation is welcomed, and media should call Taras Lyssenko at (305) 794-4457, [email protected], for updates.  Larsen Marine is located 625 E. Sea Horse Drive at the northern end of Waukegan Harbor, and may be contacted at (847) 336-5456.

Additional contacts:
Capt. Robert Rasmussen, USN (Ret.), Director, National Naval Aviation Museum
(850) 452-3604 ext. 3119.
Capt. Henry Hendrix, USN, Director, Naval History and Heritage Command, 202-433-2210
Christine Smith, daughter of Ensign William Forbes  425-345-0608

Testimonial from Rainier Arangies

“I am not one that go on about things but I just have to report back to you on the Cayuse OH-6A and the UH204 that I purchased through you. The machines is just stunning and didn’t miss a beat whilst we operate her intensively g the festive season at the coast. The little Cayuse was immensely popular beyond tourist and locals and was complimented by friend and foe! Thanks once again for offering and trading this machine to us! This is machine #2 bought through Courtesy Aircraft, and after the first deal on the UH204, I didn’t think I could be so satisfied again, but it proof to be wrong! Both machines is well treasured by us, and although old, they operate like new machines…and the compliments is theirs and that of Mike, who incubated them for us. All the best for you and your company for 2013 and may your company go from strength to strength…we need more of such authentic operator/outlets!! Attached find few pictures of operations of Cayuse and Huey!” -Rainier Arangies

February 2013 NAS Pensacola Special 2 Day Insiders Tour

Courtesy Aircraft, AT&T Recovery and the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation sponsored a private 2 day event that included several behind the scenes activities and tours.  Participant’s even had the option to fly and land at NAS Sherman Field.

Highlights of the 2 day tour included:

  1.     Navy’s Water Survival Training
  2.     Navy’s Air Traffic Control Center Training
  3.     National Flight Academy Tour
  4.     Naval Air Museum’s Restoration Center
  5.     Past, Present and Future Restorations & Recoveries
  6.     Private Reception with Retired Navy Personnel

This exclusive event will increase your appreciation for past and current Naval operations.  You will see first-hand the efforts to preserve the U.S. Naval Aviation History. Contact Mark Clark or Darcy Kaapke should you be interested in attending the next insider’s tour.

A note from Texas:

“Mark, Been flying the SNJ almost every day. Have about 18 hours on it and pulled cowling and changes oil yesterday. Screens were clean. You sold me a really nice airplane! Much thanks!”


Thank you Mark!

Mark, Thanks for getting me connected with Harvard N1811B. The condition and equipment of this Harvard was even better than advertised, and has allowed me to hit the ground running with my Harvard Extreme Air Show Act. Imagine finding a pristine Canadian Harvard in Texas. Lucky for me, your reach is world wide. I look forward to sending you some air show pics from this season.”